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Rod Fisher, Ph.D: Citizens Climate Change Lobby ("CCL")

Dr Fisher is a retired Chemical Engineer with Cargill and a high school teacher who has taken on the mission of spreading the word regarding the importance of efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Dr Fisher discussed the similarities of the four-way test and the CCL values. 59% of Americans are alarmed or concerned about climate change and 70% of people believe it is real but only two-thirds talk about the issues. Fossil fuel emissions are the biggest source of carbon emissions which creates the greenhouse effect which leads to global warming. Scientists point to fact that our twenty warmest years were in the last twenty-two years and without action our oceans will rise two to six feet by the year 2100. The incidence of severe weather events has increased from 200 events per year to more than 700. The impact of climate change will change our climate to one more like that of Kansas. An independent study gives us twelve years to reduce global emissions by 50% which would slow the effects of climate change. A lot of changes are happening worldwide, and wind and solar production is growing ten-fold. The CCL is supporting The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act which would charge a tax on carbon fuels at the source and the funds would be returned to consumers as a dividend. The Act has bi-partisan support. Learn more at



  • Several of the next meetings are off-site. Please check calendar and watch emails to make sure you are going to the correct location.
  • Holly and Suzanne have planned some social gatherings, one of which is a June 16th Lake Minnetonka Boat Cruise. Watch for sign ups at meetings.
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  • We still need host parents for next years Rotary Youth Exchange Students. Check the events calendar for upcoming social and service events.

Spotlight on John Crudele

John grew up in Ames IA, the youngest of four children. Father was Ph.D who passed away when John was fifteen. His mother was later diagnosed with a mental disorder and passed away thirty-one years to the day of when her husband (John’s father) died. In 1985, John was inspired by Nancy Reagan “just say no” speech which started his interest in public speaking and he has given 4,500 talks in front of over two million people in an ongoing effort to make a difference in the lives of young people. He has appeared on Rikki Lake and Jennifer Jones television shows and has served on several boards of directors and has recently travelled to Philippines on food missions. John had his own bout with depression in 2009.

Happy Fives

Several members were happy this week. Elaine Larabee thanked members for supporting school referendum and close encounter with Oprah who spoke at Colorado College commencement. Holly Link reported on wonderful District 5950 year-end celebration. Dave Anderson congratulated Lyndon for winning golf tournament and granddaughter graduated from Baylor. Jenifer and Doug Loon celebrated 30 th anniversary by looking into long-term care insurance, also youngest daughter graduated from college. Dan O’Brien reported that latest grandson is recovering from week in hospital, doing well now. PG Naryan proud parent of son graduating from Carlson School of Business at U of M and he gave a speech at commencement. Carol Bomben mentioned that Onward EP was recognized with Human Rights Award from City of EP. 


Dave Duca - Rotarian
Steve Hansen - Guest
Mrinalni Iyer - Student Guest
Judit Amaros-Marin - Exchange Studen
Patrick Yang - Student Intern